Alito's Best Endorsement Yet  

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm almost embarrassed.

I got a link from one of my daily reads to another of my daily reads. Emperor Misha linked over to Jay at Stop the ACLU with a sentiment that would have, could have, should have, come from my pen.

I was going to post something on my joy at seeing Judge Alito passing the three ring clownhat circus, and maybe add a few words on why I think he'll make a great Supreme Court Justice, but he just got the most important endorsement yet.

The ACLU are pissed off.

There's my litmus test for you.

If the ACLU had endorsed him (but let's not demonize them, they do great work after all), I'd be howling for his head on a platter.

But anybody who pisses off the America-hating Communist Lickspittles' Union is a friend of mine.
OK, OK, substitute "American Cock Lickers' Union", as I often do. The sentiment is the same.

Emperor, you have hit it on the head yet again.