Charles Schumer: Alito Filibuster Still Possible  

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Yeah, right.

Keep up your grandstanding, Schmuck. All you're doing is burying yourself and your socialist agenda even deeper than you already have. Mr. Schumer, you know as well as I or anyone else that to attempt to filibuster Samuel Alito will be met with serious consequences, both on the Senate floor and at the ballot box.

Samuel Alito's confirmation is in the bag. Anyone who asserts that Alito "just may be" more out of the mainstream than Ruth Bader Ginsberg, someone who has served as chief legal counsel to the ACLU, can be described with one word: NUTCASE. And yes, Mr. Upchuck, I do mean you.

When you see liberals saying and doing these things, you just have to laugh. The Republicans have already let us know what will happen if anyone tries to filibuster this confirmation. A "super-majority" is not required to confirm a nominee. This is all just a bunch of grandstanding meant to discredit the President. It will have no effect whatsoever on JUSTICE Alito. It can't. Once his confirmation is complete, he will sit on the Supreme Court indefinitely. Trying to paint him as some sort of extremist (for supporting the Constitution, of all things), though meant to make President Bush look like one, will only show just how loony these idiots are, thus accelerating the Donks demise into oblivion.

Enjoy the ride. I'm sure enjoying watching you take it.