Hitlery: Bush "Downplaying" Iran Threat  

Thursday, January 19, 2006

NewsMax is reporting today that Hitlery is at some whining. As if her recent "plantation" remarks weren't enough to get us all rolling our eyes indefinitely.

The gist of this outpouring of love from our liberal friend seems to revolve around the administration allowing some European powers to take the lead in negotiating and persuading Iran to stop its nuclear program, thus costing valuable time in dealing with Iran.

Tehran should have been on the receiving end of a few hundred Tomahawk missles a long time ago, so on the surface, it would seem that she has a point. Except for one thing.

Whatever happened to being patient and letting the UN (foreign powers just like Germany and France) take the lead in negotiating and persuading Iran (as they wanted him to do with Iraq) to comply with its own agreements and UN resolutions? Whatever happened to taking the time to "let diplomacy work" before taking more serious actions?

In this case, the administration did exactly what it was bitched out for not doing the last time around. Mark my words. The rest of the Donks, especially the loudmouthed loonies like Sheehag and Weird Howard, will pick up on this and start acting like warmongers just to sound like Hitlery. It will be pretty funny to watch.

In the Donks frantic stabbing around for the truth, they have punctured the very heart of their agenda. Their desire for rampant socialism has taken the back seat to opposing anything coming from our moderate president. If President Bush or anyone with an "R" after his name proposes it and/or sees to its passage, it's wrong, even if it advances the same blatant socialism they advocate.

Even in a situation such as this, where the President did exactly what they wanted him to do last time around, they couldn't see fit to even mention that he tried to do what they had been calling "the right thing".

That's a major difference between Liberals and Conservatives today. Liberals blindly oppose anything conservatives do, even if it's in line with their own philosophy, while conservatives give credit where it's due. Some Democrat starts working to dismantle the socialist machine, and you had better believe he/she will receive conservative support.

Don't expect it any day soon, especially from Hitlery.