Iraq Civil War Update  

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Omar, one of two brothers writing what is probably the best blog coming out of Iraq, has given us an update this week on the civil war that is taking place in Iraq.

In August, commenting at, Freder_Frederson predicted that within a year, Iraq would be in the throes of a civil war and that we Americans would be forced to vacate the premises with our tails between our legs, with no way to blame the socialist media for any of it.

Well, let's see. Zarqawi sent a message out to the Sunni leadership in Iraq recently, and no one accepted his terms. So the "civil war" between the Jordanian al-Qaeda operative who had been harbored by the Hussein regime and the Iraqis continues. I guess this must have been what Freder was talking about.

There is currently no evidence that any Sunni or other factions will start listening to Zarqawi any day soon. OK, Freder has only had four and a half months to see his wish come true, and he did ask for a year. But if Omar's words are any indication, and I would tend to believe him and our soldiers over Freder (after all, they are actually THERE), these people are talking about their goals and aspirations within the context of THEIR CONSTITUTION. They sound like a bunch of ... conservatives!!!!!!

Well, we can't have that now, can we? A bunch of Iraqis who decide on a law and actually follow it? Make that AN ENTIRE NATION OF IRAQIS. They had better get on with that civil war, so that the Hussein regime can be reinstated and people like Freder can enjoy their gloating over American failure. Who are we kidding? They are gloating now, over a failure they are IMAGINING.

So far, the War on Terror, including the Iraq campaign, has been one of the most successful operations in the history of warfare. Serious casualties for the enemy with minimal collateral damage, minimal cilivan casualties, and minimal American casualties. Every life is precious, so we must be sure that those who have given their lives have not died in vain.

So far, the peaceful Iraqi people are winning the civil war in Iraq. It is being fought through the political process, using the advantage of peaceful discourse among peaceful people united toward a single goal: freedom for all Iraqis. There will be no bloody civil war from which our troops will withdraw in disgrace, only that which takes place within the legitimate boundaries of the will of the Iraqi people. A year from now, Iraq will proudly carry the banner of the first true democracy in the Arab world. Only Freder and his anti-American friends will be forced to retreat in disgrace.