Mexican Soldiers/Drug Smugglers at the Border  

Friday, January 20, 2006

Helicopter patrols along the Arizona border are showing Mexican military convoys lining up at dusk. They are allegedly delivering drugs into the US.

The U.S. Border Patrol recently warned agents in Arizona of military incursions by Mexican soldiers "trained to escape, evade and counter-ambush" if detected, according to the Times.

Renzi said that during a helicopter tour of the Arizona border last month, he saw military-style humvees lining up at dusk just south of the border to move drugs into the U.S.

"The Border Patrol knows they're coming but they are outmanned and outgunned," said Renzi. "We need military technology to combat these military operations."
The Mexican government denies any military incursions into the US, saying drug smugglers are using military-style clothing and vehicles to confuse border patrol agents.

Well, I have a solution in mind. We have a few military-style vehicles available and some cammy-clad asskickers to drive them. I guarantee they won't be outgunned by the Mexicans, whether they be actual military personnel or impostors. We won't even have to use our big guns to take them out. The AZ National Guard could probably handle it themselves. If not, just park a few Apaches along the border and wait. This isn't brain surgery. Even a military dunce like me can figure out how to handle this.

And what the hell is the Mexican government going to do? They're already pushing their luck insisting we allow illegals into the country who aren't breaking any other laws. Do you really think they're going to take a stand and defend members of their own military (or worse, those masquerading as their own military) taking up arms and smuggling drugs into the US as well?

If our leaders really want to solve this problem, along with terrorism, they really should be talking with their "friends" in Mexico about collaborative efforts between our respective armed forces to keep illegals (especially those trafficking illegal drugs) from crossing into the US. If these incursions continue, we would have every right to fly a few warplanes over Mexico City to send a message. If the incursions continue after that, I'd say it's time to pull the plug on diplomacy with Mexico, and start pulling a few triggers as well.