Pro-Bush Media?? NOT  

Thursday, January 05, 2006

You gotta love the libs.

How often do you hear about "the press" being anti-Clinton and pro-Bush? Most liberal blogs I've been to do it routinely.

If this were true, I would think this story would have been everywhere. Where did I see it? NewsMax, a decidedly conservative site which admits to a pro-Bush bias. I couldn't even find it on the much-maligned Drudge Report.

Why would the media not report such a story? The answer is obvious. They want to sell NSA surveillance of terrorists as an impeachable offense. The fact that it was used to stop a major terrorist attack would weaken their argument. Never mind that this administration has not used this surveillance on ordinary Americans, but rather on known al-Qaeda terrorists and those in communication with them. As foreigners and/or foreign operatives operating as enemies of the United States, these people do not have constitutional rights.

One way or another, this NSA thing is going to backfire on the libs. I can just taste it. A blind man could see that this is just another manufactured scandal designed to discredit the President. The biggest problem for them is always going to be getting around the fact that virtually every scandal they come up with is phony, so Americans aren't going to buy anything they put out there.

My concern with this fact is that if/when the President does, in fact, do something that is truly impeachable, even by today's standards, no one will listen to the Donks because they have been crying "WOLF" since 2000.

Would you believe anything, anything at all, that came from the Left today?