The "Roll" Should Continue  

Friday, January 13, 2006

Just not today.

I know I've been on a roll posting every day (sometimes more than that) lately. Things were much busier around the school today than earlier in the week, and I, of course, rose to the occasion.

Of course, that meant making the rounds of the day's news and views would take the back seat, as I spent my free periods "Takin' Care of Business".

I won't have the opportunity to get much reading done until after midnight, as the show must go on, and after I get something up, I do intend to spend some time in the company of Roland of Gilead (any Stephen King fans out there know who I'm talking about).

This weekend is shaping up to be pretty busy, but Monday should yield a little extra time ... so if there isn't much up here before then, Monday will definitely yield something. I do intend to work up something, though, so do stop back.

In the meantime, Birthday wishes go out to a fellow Right-minded blogger. See the post below.