RWR the Prophet?  

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The nutjobs over at DU, as quoted by PJ-Comix over at DUmmie FUnnies appear to be trying to bring about the final demise of the Donks.

The time has come for a party split. Progressive Democrats can more effectively leverage our numbers if we take the 20 odd senators and 80 or so reps and form a new party with better discipline and a unified party platform.
I've been predicting this for some time now, but don't get excited just yet. Remember these are just a few nutjobs on an extreme Left-wing message board. These people do not wield enough influence with the Donks to make this happen. They do, however, have loud enough voices to persuade many of the extremist factions of the Democrat Party to spout off their socialist bullshit more loudly and frequently. This should get those who think clearly to become more serious about distancing themselves from the Donks, who will simply parrot the line given to them by these nutcases (that's what they've been doing thus far, and there's nothing to suggest that will change).

At that point, it will be put up or shut up time for the Republican Party. They'll have to either become the conservatives they claim to be, or lose the Federalist faction within the party. Many of those in the Constitution and Libertarian Parties will join the cause, and the Republicans will rightly take their place as America's liberal political party, as that will be the status they will have earned.

At any rate, it's all kinds of fun watching the Donks go down. You can't get stuff this funny on Comedy Central! Wouldn't you agree?