Trying to Have a Relaxing Weekend  

Sunday, January 29, 2006

I doubt much is coming up here before Tuesday, due to work and recreational commitments, but I did take some time to tweak the template a little bit, as I decided I wanted to have "right side content".

One question: Can someone help me figure out how to make the right side color go to the bottom like the left side does? I've tried everything I know, and I'm still stuck. Maybe it's something I would know but just didn't see?

My blogoversary post is just about ready. It's nothing spectacular - just a chance to reflect and reminisce. And yes, Ol' BC, there's a link there to the first rant. I'll have that up Tuesday morning.

In the meantime, enjoy the posts, especially my treasured "New Federalism" posts. The Donks are going down more quickly than anyone imagined, so the Right's day of reckoning is approaching. If you think along the lines of the New Federalism, it may be a good time for you to join the cause.