Canadian Health Care  

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

About a month and a half ago, I posted this with regard to Al Frankenstein possibly running for Senate in 2008. In the post, I quoted a NewsMax article that quoted Franken as saying that one of his key issues would be "universal health care". My response to this position is quoted here:

"Universal health care" - This concept has already been proven a failure in Canada and Cuba, the models which the libs want to try and follow. Furthermore, just like alternative fuel sources, it will not pass constitutional muster as the Constitution becomes re-established as the law of the land. Again, Senator Frankenstein would still flap his jaws ad nauseum.
An interesting comment appeared in my comments section defending the other side:

Universal Health Care? The Canadians would disagree with your assessment. As I am sure that Cuba would.
My response to this brought to light the fact that Canadian doctors largely come to the US for treatment and showed pictures of these wonderful Cuban hospitals. The commentor did not reply.

Well, today John Hawkins is reporting that the Canadian health care system may very likely meet its official end in the very near future. He references a Russell Roberts post entitled, The Death of the Canadian Model, which references an article in the New York Times that acknowledges the failure of the Canadian system.

If the New York Times is acknowledging the Canadian system's failure, can we soon start to expect that the libs will stop trying to be little Canadians when it comes to health care? My guess is no. After all, they'll just turn against their own and say the Times is just carrying water for the Bush Administration. Never mind that that paper is one of their biggest allies in their quest for socialism in this country. For liberals, ALL relationships are relationships of convenience.

As to the Canadian system, we've already had that argument here and won. Big surprise - NOT.

We need to get rid of the unconstitutional socialist programs we have, not start new ones.