Cartoon Update  

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

h/t: the Rottie for the link.

Soo .... the Iranians are sponsoring a "Holocaust Cartoon Contest".

That is, in and of itself, FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!

Think about it. A bunch of loonies who claim the Holocaust never happened are sponsoring a contest to see who can come up with the most provocative cartoon about it. If you can't see the humor in that, you might as well grab a shovel right now 'cause I'm laughing too hard to dig your grave for you.

I suppose these morons think there will be violent uprisings throughout the West when they do this. After all, how much more obvious can it be that this is a "see how YOU like it" tactic? Such foolery. They've missed the point completely.

Cartoons are meant to provoke one of three things - laughter, thought, or both. The cartoon I put up yesterday was clearly meant to provoke thought. Mohammed's violent followers (not the peaceful ones) are perverting Mohammed's teaching and using him as an excuse to sabotage human life.

Another portrays Mohammed in heaven telling a bunch of suicide bombers they're all out of virgins. This one is more humor-oriented, though some thought is necessary to understand just how ridiculous it is that someone would be rewarded with every manner of sexual perversion for offing oneself and taking others along. On that level, this cartoon is downright funny.

For the best in humor from these cartoons, though, you just can't beat the one depicting Mohammed with his eyes blacked out flanked by two women wearing enough clothing that all you can see is their eyes. While there is nothing funny about the way these animals treat women, this cartoon shows just how silly it is that you can't show Mohammed's face, but you can't show any part of a woman beyond that which is necessary to keep her from walking into a wall or something. What makes this cartoon funny is the shape of the cutouts in the women's clothing matching the rectangle blacking out Mohammed's eyes.

The point in all this is that when we in the West see these cartoons, we aren't going to start burning Iranian embassies or killing people or committing acts of war over it. Instead, we will look at them and think; if something is truly funny, we'll laugh. Of course, given the nature of the beast, I imagine the thoughts we would have would be more along the lines of "Whooooaaa ... what a fucking nutjob!"

Of course, that itself may even make us laugh.