Celebrating One Year of RWR  

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's here! My blogo-versary!

And I'd like to thank ... (insert boring Stevie Wonder speech here) ...

Seriously, though. It's great to come on here after a year and "toot my horn" and act proud (actually I'm not acting), but there's no way this would be happening if people didn't come around to read the blog. Without you, there'd be no RWRepublic.

I made a list of things I wanted to gloat about today, but, as you can imagine, it got pretty long (I do think quite highly of myself hahaha), so I cut it down to a list of firsts. Most of these are from the early days, but they are great!

2/1/2005 - First post: Unbelievable Fuckwads complete with comment from the First idiot, "Jeremy".

2/3/2005 - First Rant: Pathetic Terrorists. (Wasn't sure if the First one qualified as a rant, but this one definitely does)

2/5/2005 - First link from a major blog (The Rottie).

2/7/2005 - First Fisk: Communist Hispanic Caucus. Definitely not my best Fisk job, but this is about firsts, anyway.

3/13/2005 - First direct defense of the Constitution.

4/19/2005 - First (and so far only) blogson, The Old Sage, joins the blogosphere.

6/132005 - First celebrity reader, Paul Jacob, makes his presence known.

7/20/2005 - 100th post.

9/26/2005 - First post on the New Federalism.

12/4/2005 - 200th post.

12/23/2005 - First interview - Armybryan.

2/1/2006 (Today) - First Blogoversary post.

I think the major highlights of this first year in the blogosphere have been advocating the Constitution and the New Federalism, defending Terri Schiavo, supporting the Minuteman Project, welcoming Pope Benedict, and taking on the loonies such as Bobby Lindsay, Donna Myers, and the annoying Freder_Frederson.

I also think I made a pretty good speechwriter.

I'm looking into some things, as well. I've enjoyed blogging so much that I may make this thing a bit bigger. I'm playing with the code right now. I hope to expand the scope of the RWRepublic somewhat - or at least I'm thinking about it.

Any suggestions for the upcoming year?