Exile for the Left? If Only!  

Monday, February 20, 2006

Count on PJ-Comix to seek out the best humor in liberal lunacy over at DUmmie FUnnies so we don't have to. Today he's found a gem, so good I even linked over to DU to check it out. In addition to a good laugh, I figured a little fisk action of my own might be fun, but more in the spirit of taking this moron (who calls himself "IndianaGreen") seriously, just to disprove his point, and, of course ilustrate that the realization of my prophecy may be at hand sooner rather than later.

We are past the point of partisan solutions to our nation's problems!
Dude, we were past the point of partisan solutions to our problems a LONG time ago.
The American Republic is long dead!
You wish it were dead. It's the American Republic, as set forth in the Constitution, that you clowns have been working like dogs to dismantle for the last hundred or so years. Thank God it's not dead, because it's the Republic and the Constitution that will ultimately see an end to your people's shenanigans.
It is sad to see the Democratic Party, with some very notable and courageous exceptions, become a party to its burial.
I'm not shedding any tears. Bury the Donk Party, and the sooner the better. Then if the Republicans can't get their act together and reinstate the freedoms you losers took away, then out they go and a real Constitution-defending party will replace them. Mark my words.
The men and women and gave us the Republic wanted a government that was limited in scope and respectful of their rights, including the rights of the minorities (political, religious, social).
And this makes your point exactly how? Your side has done nothing but expand the scope of government and work diligently to repeal every right it can get its grimy paws on. Get a life.
They feared a monarchy as much as they feared a dictatorship of a majority. They most definitely did not want the state to impose sectarian views as they had seen happening in Europe!
They also didn't want a guaranteed-to-fail socialist utopia like they had seen in Massachusetts. Never mind that there's no "imposition" of "sectarian views" going on. Nice talking point for the ACLU, though, dumbass.
They wanted to be left alone to pursue their own happiness, relying in government and in their collective efforts for those things that as individuals they could not accomplish on their own.
Exactly. And no government taking what they have so that they can just turn it over to someone else. That is immoral and irresponsible, and for advocating and implementing such things, your side is headed for the shitpile.
Those days are over!
The days of people being left alone by the government were over 100 years ago. It's high time we changed back.
Dictatorship is the only way to describe the Bush Administration.
I dunno about that. Roosevelt, Johnson, Clinton, maybe. But this President has done more than enough, just by appointing the judges that he has, to reinstate the rights and freedoms of the people of this great country that have been taken away by those you have sought to elect.
In a few short years a significant number of Americans have embraced an absolute monarchy, a monarchy without a throne or crown.
An absolute monarchy doesn't leave office after eight years.
The Presidency under Bush has absorbed all the powers that the Framers of the Constitution had to painstakingly divided between three branches of government.
Hmm ... putting originalists onto the Supreme Court is "absorbing all the powers" the Framers wanted divided? Dude, you have a REALLY tough sell there.
The Presidency has claimed the power to start wars without Congressional approval, to detain people indefinitely without charges, to torture and abuse detainees with impunity, and to assassinate whoever they want at any time or place, including American soil.
First of all, this president has not started any wars. The current war being fought was duly authorized by Congress, on both fronts. All detainees have had appropriate trials. Those responsible for prisoner abuse of any kind have been brought to justice, and others doing so are being sought out. As far as your claim to assassinations, please name one assassination attempt involving any innocent person by this President or his administration. Hate him if you will, but throwing around false accusations such as these will get you nowhere in convincing Americans to continue to put up with your socialist idiocy.
Absolutism at home has led to militarism abroad, the United States joining a long list of aggressor states that include such recent notables as Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, and in an ironic twist, Saddam's Iraq.
Again, Afghanistan and Iraq were hardly situations of "militarism". There was a job that needed to be done, and it was in our best interests that we do it. The Taliban was harboring a man who had killed 3,000 Americans in a single day. Did you expect us to just sit idly by while he did it again? Iraq was a resumption of hostilities from a previous engagement in which multiple provisions of the cease-fire agreement were violated. Again, would it have been right to sit idly by while that happened?
Many of our friends speak of Democratic chances in 2006 and 2008, yet they ignore the well documented record that Republicans have of ballot fraud and voter disenfranchisement.
Interesting that you say this. Where is your evidence? Does offering cigarettes to bums in exchange for Democrat votes count as voter fraud? Does fighting or disregarding provisions regarding proof of identity and/or citizenship count as voter fraud? How about leaving or trying to leave absentee ballots cast largely by military personnel out of various recounts? Does that qualify as disenfranchisement? Keep calling the kettle black, my liberal friend. It only makes my point stronger.
There is little evidence that things will be different in the upcoming midterm elections or in the 2008 Presidential race.
We will continue to do whatever we have to to make sure that every legally cast vote is counted, and that the law is consitent with any provisions set forth in the Constitution, whether you like it or not.
Elections in America have become the mirror image of elections held in any authoritarian regime in the Third World. It is only a matter of time before opposition candidates are found laying on a ditch, hands tied behind the back, a bullet shot to the back of the head.
To this, all I can do is laugh. Show me one voter in Iraq, just one, who would have been able to cast a vote against Saddam Hussein without serious repercussions. Show me one voter in the US, just one, who was similarly forced to vote Republican. I imagine I'm going to be waiting a while.
Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures, and this is one of those times in which we face an unpalatable choice: resistance or exile!
Now we're getting somewhere. Too bad our friends at HelpThemLeave.com have moved on. It would have made it a lot easier to get you a place to go. All you would have had to do is swear you wouldn't come back. That's one freedom you still have - the freedom to leave and go naturalize yourself elsewhere. I say you take advantage of it if you're really that unhappy.
If we choose the path of resistance we must take every opportunity to publicly and loudly oppose every action the Bush dictatorship takes. Our opposition must always firm, resolute, and peaceful! Even a hint of violence would give the Bush dictatorship a pretext to impose more draconian measures on the American people. We must deny the Bush tyranny that pretext by adopting the tactics used by Gandhi in India and Martin Luther King in the US. Unlike Gandhi and Dr. King, we will not prevail in our struggle. Imperial nations such as the United States have always succeeded in crushing internal opposition. Their collapse was always brought about by a combination of external opposition and their folly in believing in their own invisibility.
All this will do is expose you as the idiots that you are.
Exile is always an option, and in the case of those under persecution such as the LGBT community, it may be the only viable option that is now available. To those that dismiss exile as leftist paranoia, I can only suggest that they consider the fate of the German Jews that waited until it was too late for them to escape the Holocaust. Do not make the same mistake!
I love it. The LGBT (Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgendered) community is being persecuted. Oh yeah right. Look idiot, if you don't understand our position that these people should not have rights that the rest of us don't then there isn't much I can do to help you. If you want to go into exile, more power to you, and the more anti-Constitution activists you can take with you, the better.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely, Lord Acton was quoted as saying. To Acton's words we must add that absolute power leads to absolute cruelty, as we have seen in the way American troops have treated the Iraqi population. Those same troops will be used on American soil against the American people! If you doubt, do a Google on Posse Comitatus, and on the current efforts by the Bush dictatorship to do away with its remnants in order to "protect us."
OK so now the American troops are treating he Iraqi population cruelly. I doubt the Iraqi population would agree, especially after so many years of one of the most cruel dictators the world has ever seen. Again, I doubt the American people are going to buy that.
The end will not be a happy one for any of us!
Well, the way you guys kick and scream when we successfully demand that people's rights and freedoms be reinstated, I can't see how it can be a happy ending for you. I must admit, though, I'm enjoying watching you and your ideology go down.

Got a problem with my gloating? Go fuck yourself.