Media Double Standard - Big Surprise  

Thursday, February 16, 2006

When Hitlery Clinton was involved in an accident in which someone was injured, we didn't hear a word about it.

Her driver hit a police officer at a checkpoint and injured him. There was no apology, and as far as anyone knows, that goes for no private apology as well.

I still haven't heard any complaints from the press about her taking forever to tell reporters. Hey, it's been what, five years now?

So the Vice President, supposedly no more powerful than a Senator from New York, gets all kinds of grief for waiting 24 hours to tell the press. Well excuuuuuuse me. I beg all kinds of pardon for Mr. Cheney tending to his friend's wounds and maybe, just maybe, getting an idea whether or not his friend is going to be ok. I mean, well, he was only SHOT!

I say, leave the vice president alone and let him help his friend get through this ordeal. These kind of things have ways of bringing friends closer together, and we should stay out of their business and let them get on with it.


h/t - RightWingSparkle