Terror Attacks in Iraq - The Aftermath  

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I rely quite a bit on the work of Omar and Mohammed over at Iraq the Model with regard to Iraq news, especially with Armybryan being stateside and keeping quiet during his break (can't say I blame him). Today, Mohammed posted his report on the aftermath of yesterday's deadly terror attacks around Baghdad.

I seems the situation is still a bit scary, but Mohammed does seem to feel that the culprits have been identified. The Iraqi government has correctly condemned the violence, and that should provide some hope.

The situation in Iraq is pretty difficult, but we knew going in that it would be. Freder_Frederson's prediction that our soldiers would be running from an all-out civil war within a year is still far from being realized. I have more faith in the Iraqis than he does. However, even if the Iraqis fail to peacefully resolve their differences, the terrorists getting together and blowing each other up can only work out to be a good thing in the end, despite the civilian losses of property and life that would obviously occur. Freedom always comes at a price. Often that price is paid in blood.

Hopefully we won't have to go there.