The Emperor Strikes Again  

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Emperor Misha has put up a gem today regarding illegal aliens and liberal politicians, including Hitlery and President Bush.

to the MSM in general: Cut it out with the "undocumented immigrants" Newspeak, because nobody is falling for it. At least not anybody who isn't already a drooling liberal moonbat. You're only making yourselves look silly. Well, sillier actually, hard though that may be to imagine. What's next? Bankrobbers being charged with "undocumented withdrawals?"
Couldn't have said it better myself, especially that part about the parallels between illegal aliens and bank robbers. "Undocumented withdrawals". HAHAHA!!

I just with we would call these people what they are and cut it out with the PC bullshit. They are ILLEGAL ALIENS, not "undocumented immigrants" (implying they are legally in the country), not "undocumented workers" (implying they are American workers), but ILLEGAL ALIENS. Call a spade a spade, already.