How Stupid Can You Be?  

Thursday, March 30, 2006

If you want to understand the frustration reasonable people feel with regard to these anti-war idiots, take a look at this AP article, regarding recently released Jill Carroll:

Carroll Says Iraq Captors Treated Her Well
Huh? Treated her well? You call THIS being treated well?
Captors threaten to kill U.S. reporter

Jill Carroll taken captive January 7th


CAIRO, Egypt (AP/WJRT) - (01/18/06)-- An American reporter being held hostage in Iraq is being threatened with death.

An Arab television channel has aired a silent 20-second videotape of Christian Science Monitor reporter Jill Carroll. It said an accompanying message gives the United States 72 hours to free female prisoners in Iraq, or the journalist would be killed. (my emphasis)
What kind of sick person equates captivity and death threats with being "treated well"??
"I was treated well, but I don't know why I was kidnapped," Carroll said in a brief interview on Baghdad television.
If you don't know why you were kidnapped, you have got to be the STUPIDEST person walking this planet. Even the filthiest drooling anti-war pinko commie moonbat could tell you. I'll just give you a little hint: It has something to do with that cross you're carrying and that eagle on your passport. What you should be wondering is why you were let go, idiot.
"They never hit me. They never said they would hit me."
Oh how fucking humane. I'm supposed to have pity on someone who's too big a man to hit a lady, but not too big a man to saw her fucking head off with a knife, videotape it, and send the video to al-Jizzeater so the whole world, including her parents, can watch?

I have a new proposal for dealing with these anti-war morons who go into the war zone and deliberately place themselves into situations where they kiss terrorist ass and then wind up being kidnapped and/or murdered, only to show total disdain for those who put their lives on the line to see to their rescue - Let the terrorists keep them.

Seriously. What do we stand to gain by saving the lives of those who would aid and abet our enemies, those who wish to destroy our people, our culture, and our nation? Why should we bother rescuing people who show their appreciation for our having done so by supporting the very terrorists that threatened their own precious lives? What benefit exists in giving these people the opportunity to make political hay out of a situation they themselves created?

Look, regardless of your position on the war, it takes a person of questionable motives and/or sanity to just walk into a war zone knowing full well terrorists are there - and ready and willing to use you as a political pawn, threaten you, torture you, murder you, and all without regard for what you think or believe, unless you are willing to renounce your religion in favor of theirs. It takes a person of questionable patriotism to put life and limb on the line just to make a political point.

And it takes a person of INCREDIBLE STUPIDITY to put herself through all of the above and then come home and say that she 1.) was treated well, and 2.) didn't know why she was taken captive. Jill, you're safe at home now. You don't need to kiss their sorry asses any more. Or do you really mean this nonsense?