The (Momentary) Silence of the Rocker  

Sunday, March 19, 2006

There are a few reasons I haven't posted in the last couple days.

1. The debate on other blogs has been quite spirited, but not to the point that I necessarily want to bring it "home".

2. There's nothing else going on in the blogosphere that I could match, beat, or give any unique insight into right now.

3. Things have been very busy at work and even busier in the music business. In fact, the music business situation is becoming more and more unique right now. The newest project is something I couldn't have even fathomed a year ago, but soon is about to become a reality. VERY exciting.

4. There really isn't much going on, other than a few hours ago I learned that Terrell Owens is going to Dallas. I hope they can find a use for him. We can't be bothered with that kind of B.S. here around Philly. Now, if they'd only figure out what to do about the quarterback situation. Of course, I'm not much of a football fan. The Phils seem to be doing well in spring training, but we all know that doesn't mean shit, and when it comes to MLB, I've been kind of lukewarm the last few years because the minor leagues are so much better a deal.

5. This is probably the most important reason. The recent post on Federalism was, in my opinion, VERY important, and I wanted to keep it close to the top. The Yogi post was just a special moment I had as a baseball fan, but figured it would be fun, what with the "Yogi-isms" and all.

I'm going to take tomorrow (Sunday) off, too. I'll need some rest from this busy weekend.

See ya Monday!