Opening Remarks for April  

Friday, March 31, 2006

March has been a special month, breaking the 1,000 visit barrier for one month. While that's not a really big accomplishment in the overall blogosphere, for a small blogger like myself whou wouldn't mind being bigger, it's a neat thing to be able to point to and gloat a little.

April will be a special month as well. My one and only blogson (I get a kick outa that ... blogson haha ... the dude is ten years older than I am!), The Old Sage, will celebrate his first blogoversary on April 19. I wonder what kinda gift you get a blogson ... I myself didn't get into blogging on anyone's prodding or encouragement. Instead, I was inspired to start blogging from reading The Rottie and RightWing News. Does that make me a "blorphan"?

Oh, and while I'm rambling, advertising space is available here at the RWRepublic. Just click "Your Ad Here" in the right column, and we can take it from there.

I also wonder what it would be like to have an "Ask Rocker" post from time to time similar to Hawkins's Q&A Friday. Of course, people would have to pose some questions for me to answer ;). I'm also thinking about featuring a blogger friend from time to time with a little post about him/her.

It's time for bed. I'm bushed.

Good night.