Pierce Bush Doesn't Have A Clue  

Friday, March 10, 2006

Pierce Bush, a strong supporter of his uncle, has spoken out in an email letter to the editor:

To the University of Texas at Austin student, opposition to the deal - it had been approved by the administration before being scuttled Thursday - sent an "ignorant and offensive" message that the owners were being discriminated against because they are Arab (my emphasis). The protests of Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, R-Tenn., and other congressional leaders seemed "racially prejudiced," he said in the letter, which the Chronicle published.
Pierce, with all due respect, the owners were not being discriminated against simply because they were Arab. They were discriminated against because they were Arab terrorist sympathizers who recognized and supported the Taliban and to this day do not recognize the sovereignty of Israel.

Dubai's grimy paws were all over 9/11, and there are madrassas in their country to this day - with their blessing, I might add - preaching hate and murder for Americans and Jews.

The protests of our leaders are not "racially prejudiced". They are based in a wise and sound assessment of the situation based on the profile of a typical terrorist. Cry all you want about your uncle losing on the issue, but right or wrong, you absolutely cannot deny that those making this argument have a point - and a huge valid one, at that.

Whether you agree that this point is enough to kill the deal is your right, but stop slinging mud at those who are disagreeing with you on this basis. There's plenty to say without doing so. Why not attack Hitlery for her comments, which were about as sincere as her husband's "I didn't inhale" claims? She said the same things, but you and I both know she was only opposing your uncle because her pollsters told her it would be politically expedient.

Pierce, I agree with your uncle on a great many matters, and I disagree with him on a great many others. I am never disrespectful, cynical, or ignorant in my assessment of his positions (though I am right a whole lot more often than he is, and just about any conservative will back me up on that). Why must you sling mud like a good Democrat? Hmm??