Belated Happy Blogoversary  

Thursday, April 27, 2006

In all the madness that was the recent tour in Atlantic City that I did without taking a single day off from my day job, the blogoversary of my one and only blogson passed without fanfare, or even acknowledgement on my part. For this I am both sorry and ashamed.

However, I did today belatedly write a post in honor of The Old Sage, one of my teaching buddies who's so far to the right, we have to keep him anchored with a tow line just to keep him from falling off the edge, and simultaneously a VERY imformed listener and thinker. He's definitely the kind of person the blogosphere needs more of.

So, let's retroactively celebrate the blogoversary of The Old Sage. Leave him some love over at Rocker and Sage or, if you don't have a Blogger ID, leave some here in the comments, as he does come around here a LOT.

Oh, and this is my fourth post today (very unusual, especially of late), so please do take the time to read the other important stuff that's here.