My Telephone Rang  

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Over the weekend, during a moment where I was immersed in something or other that had me in a pretty grumpy mood, my phone rang, and the number on the caller ID was one I had never seen before.

The caller asked for me by my first name, but I did not recognize the voice. I asked who it was, and what I heard was "Brian".

At this point, I'm thinking, "Well who the fuck is that?", thinking it must be some idiot who found my business card lying on a table at a gig and didn't have any idea how to talk on the phone. But the caller then brought up my blogging, and used my blogger name in the question. Now I'm getting REALLY nervous. Who is this guy?

So, imagine my total and complete embarrassment when the caller's pseudonym makes it to my ear. The name I was hearing wasn't BRIAN ... it was BRYAN. Yes, folks. It was the one and only Armybryan.

In case you've been living in a cave somewhere or haven't been hanging around the RWRepublic long enough to know, Armybryan is a strong supporter of this blog, and a very successful soldier in the US Armed forces. In other words, a friend and a hero. I do hope I didn't come off sounding like an asshole or an idiot or something when he called. It had just been so very long since I had passed on my "digits" that I had forgotten that I had done so.

Word is that Bryan's unit is State-side for the long haul at this point, though engagement in other "travels" aren't out of the question. I'm sure he still has lots of contacts on the ground in Iraq, who can keep us posted on the situation there.

I honestly think Bryan should set himself up a blog. He writes very clearly and eloquently, and his point of view would be a huge asset to the blogosphere, and a huge blight on the liberals who would try to make the US into the newest version of the USSR. If you'd like to check out some things he's said here, click some of these links:

Aug. 25, 2005
Dec. 25, 2005 (this is all Bryan)

He also comes around the comment area a lot, helping to keep the anti-war idiots in line.

Bryan if you're reading this, I do intend to buy you that beer - and as soon as possble. I hope you didn't find me abrupt. You just caught me off guard.