Terrorism in Iraq at an All-time High  

Thursday, April 06, 2006

... or at least you'd think that from the reports in the MSM, who are gleefully calling any indications of violence in Iraq a civil war.

I'll bet Freder_Frederson gets his jollies watching CNN and their pro-terrorist coverage, or maybe he even checks out al-Jizzeater and cuts out the middleman.

Of course, car bombings are down drastically in the last year, so much so that there are rumors that Zarqueerbait has been deposed as the chief al-Qaeda terrorist in Iraq. Fine with me. It was a car bomb that killed a former student of mine, leaving his nineteen year old wife and infant daughter (whom he had seen just once) behind. That's one less terrorist planning deadly attacks on our troops and peace-loving Iraqis.

Still, no one should be holding his breath in the hopes that the War on Terror, on any front, is about to end soon. There are still a lot of terrorists out there with this everyone-must-become-muslim-or-die attitude. Thank God we still have a lot of bullets, bombs, and missiles left, along with the best trained gang of terrorist-killing machines in the world. Bryan's minions are doing the Lord's work.

Of course, you'd never know it from the MSM.