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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

MilitantModerate, Apr 19 2006 09:48 AM

Tenets of the new faith-based Conservativism
Warning: What you are about to see has very little to do with conservatism. No surprise...
1. Deficit spending is good and besides there really is any federal deficit.
First of all, deficit spending is not something conservatives get into. The idea that there is no federal deficit is clearly explained in Dr. Williams's article. The concept is based more in the idea that tax increases are not going to help no matter how much you increase them. The deficit, and any other fiscal woes our nation faces, can only be alleviated through real spending cuts. We could easily get by on a tiny fraction of what our legislators spend if they would only respect the limits placed upon them by the Constitution.
2. Limited government means letting the President decide to listen in on you.
When the President starts listening in on Americans, please let us know. Carter and Clinton did this stuff to average Americans like you and me. At least President Bush has limited the activity to terrorists and those associated with them.
3. Limited government means the President can lock up American citizens without charge for an unlimited period of time and deny access to any attorney.
You call yourself a moderate? You sound like a drooling DU moonbat when you say shit like this.
4. Activists judges are those who decide a case in a manner in which we don't like. They should be impeached for such cheekinees.
No. Acitvist judges are those who make decisions based upon sources other than those outlined in the Constitution and laws that are consistent therewith. And yes. In that case, they should be impeached.
5. States should not be pre-empted by the federal government, except in the case of gay marriage and any other thing that really bugs us when we are in power.
"Gay marriage" would be a moot point if the government would get out of the business of regulating people's lives to the point that people cannot choose their beneficiaries, etc. Conservatives oppose "gay marriage" because the Constitution does not give the federal government the authority to change the definition of words (like "marriage") or to give people rights that others don't have.
6. Leaking classified information is good when it gets the bad guys on the other side of the political aisle.
Again, you are hardly moderate when you drool this shit. Valerie Plame's identity (for the what now 4000th time?) was NOT classified. Furthermore, her husband had outed her long before anyone in the Bush administration mentioned a thing, bragging about her being in the CIA. Please, if you are going to accuse someone of wrongdoing, please at least make sure it actually took place, ok?
7. Pre-emptive wars are good for the country and fight terrorism (clearly such wars do not create yet more terrorists).
Assuming it's safe to call our war on terrorism "pre-emptive", which I would not assume, it cannot be said that the war does not fight terrorism. I don't see more terrorists being created by it. Those fighting would fight us anyway at one point or another. Best to do it now before they can force others to fight on their side who would not have otherwise done so. You go ahead and cut and run if you want. The rest of us have plenty of resolve to win this war.
8. Science as taught by scientists is clearly a liberal pursuit. If it doesn't agree with the account that God created the world in exactly seven days it must not be good science. Away mutation, away!
So tell me what's wrong with teaching the other side of the argument and letting the student decide what he believes. Isn't that what America is all about?
9. The only good contraception is abstinence. All the rest are bad.
Wrong. The only EFFECTIVE contraception is absinence. It should therefore be encouraged above all others, both in word and deed. People also need to be forced to face the consequences of their poor decisions in this area, just like they are in others, such as financial or legal.
10. The federal government shall embrace religious institutions. (What happens when the feds fund a Wiccan charity?)
Why shouldn't they? Religious institutions have been the support base for Americans for over two centuries. Why stop now? As for funding religious charities, there is no provision in the Constitution for that, so it should not happen at all. This also goes for many government "charities" such as Socialist Security, welfare, FEMA, and a host of others. True conservatives do not advocate continuing these wasteful and unconstitutional programs.
Once again glad to be a moderate.

You're a moderate, and my mom is Martha Washington. You're a barking moonbat just like any other. Moderates don't make things up or make unsubstantiated accusations about this or any other administration. Moderates don't take positions on much of anything. Most importantly, your consistent hard-left positions posted here are more akin to or DU. You wanna come around here and call those whack-jobs moderate? You'll be laughed off the blog.

Now go fuck yourself.