Touring and Schmouring  

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

With the changes going on in the musical world of the Rocker, posting will be light for the next few days, unless something REALLY jumps off the page. Still, for today, here's something to think about ...

I was ready to rant when I read this comment thread and realized that we had people who were so stupid that they actually suggested that President Bush might be more conservative than Preasident Reagan, on TAX POLICY!! You can also find a comment that Bush is socially conservative, but socialist on spending (what do you think all this money is being spent on?). Do I hear the word oxymoron?

Some of what he talks about is conservatism, which is partly why conservatives put up with the rest of what he does. He's very socially conservative, he's economically fairly conservative, but he's socialist when it comes to government spending and left leaning when it comes to immigration.
This last comment came from a "conservative". I so wish I had time to work on this ... Ol' BC would be proud of the result.

In the meantime, I'm starting to feel like The Old Sage in my frustration that even many conservatives don't even know what conservatism is all about. Why can't we get these people to just read the Constitution?????