Expect a Slow Week  

Monday, May 08, 2006

I'll be quite busy this week. Gig Saturday with a band we've never played with before - and a last-minute booking at that. School will be hectic as well, most likely, at least until Wednesday.

In the meantime, I'm really curious as to what exactly would be "new" in this letter from Mr. AhmaNutJob to President Bush, which supposedly proposes a "new solution" to tensions between the two nations.

I doubt it's anything of substance, though. If he decides he's going to lay off the threats on Israel, which I seriously doubt he'd even consider, I might take a look at the rest of it, but if peace with Iran's neighbors and withdrawal of support for terrorists isn't on the table, then the rest of the letter is just a wash, as far as I'm concerned.

I'll try to get something up at some point. Please hang in there.