This is a Hoot  

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I got a little chuckle today when I saw this article from just a week ago over at Watching America. Here's an interesting quote (my emphasis):
Journalist Luis Costa Ribas, who for 22 years was a TV correspondent for SIC [Independent Society of Communication] in the United States, considers the series "to be realistic in terms of the American landscape." In his opinion, this is due to the acceptance of women by "institutions," and the series underscores the fact that the American president is the supreme commander of the armed forces - as in Commander in Chief, the original title of the series. Ribas says "a television series will not change the mentality of a country of 300 million people," but "the fact that it's on the air and garnering success reflects the open mind" of American society.
Garnering success, eh?

Check this out:
LOS ANGELES, May 2 (UPI) -- ABC TV has put an abrupt term limit on its freshman drama, "Commander in Chief."

The network Tuesday announced it was pulling the Geena Davis series for the rest of May sweeps and running the newsmagazine "Primetime" in its 10 p.m. Thursday slot for the final three weeks of the season, reported.
Yeah, the show's garnering lots of success, indeed.

I'm not saying American society isn't open-minded enough to have a woman as President. The strong push we're getting from many conservatives to have Condi Rice run is clear evidence that we are. I just found it interesting that a show so obviously meant to glorify Hitlery fell flat on its face less than a week after the talking heads in the media were praising its successes, ostensibly to show that we should all run out to vote for that nasty commie-socialist bitch at the very next opportunity.

In that regard, I'm glad the show flopped. You should be, too.