What a Riot  

Monday, May 22, 2006

Made some great music earlier this evening.

Later on, while enjoying a relaxing drive and reflecting on just how well the new project has done (and wondering what ever possessed me to go on that silly weekend tour), I get a call from one of the bandleaders from that band. I just let it ring. I figured I had enough headaches over the weekend.

When the voicemail came up, I gave it a listen. It was something along the lines of Hey Rocker, we won't be needing you for any more dates. Give me a call if you have a problem with that ...

All I could do was laugh. Not just because I was essentially being kicked out of a band I wasn't even in, but I just got this hilarious visual of him sitting by his phone waiting for me to call him back to discuss the "problem" I would have with not being asked to play with them. Some people need to get over themselves.

Anyway, the new project is soaring. We haven't even existed eight weeks, and we made as much on our first performance as a group as we did in five shows before. We got more bookings out of that show. Making more money and not working as hard - That's real upward mobility, folks, and it's what America is all about. Just imagine what's going to be happening once we're actually ESTABLISHED.

America - the greatest gift God ever gave mankind.