Blackspeak - What an Idiot  

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

John Hawkins has an interesting (well, boring) troll over at his blog. I just found something from him (he calls himself "blackspeak") on a post that brought to light the left's hysterical reaction to the death of ZarQUEERi, whose death cannot be ruled a bad thing by any reasonable standard.

Reeking with his usual fetid stench of hypocrisy, on 6/8 Bush crowed:

"Zarqawi personally beheaded American hostages and other civilians in Iraq. Now Zarqawi has met his end and this violent man will never murder again."

George Bush may have little interest in studying the complexities of humanity or the world, but he ranks as one of the foremost aficionados of murder and revenge. As governor of Texas, he presided over 36 of the 98 executions perpetrated by the entire United States in 1999. He demonstrated the depths of his sadistic depravity when he openly mocked Karla Faye Tucker, the first woman Texas had executed since the Civil War.
First of all, Blackspeak, everything in the statement you just quoted is absolutely TRUE. "AZ" DID personally cut off the heads of Americans and civilians - and with a knife and no anasthetic while his victims were wide awake and being videotaped. He has met his end (thanks to President Bush, the D.o.D., and the USAF), and he will never murder again.

Personally, I'm not finished avenging the deaths of those Zarqawi's friends killed at Ground Zero and the Pentagon. I'm not finished avenging the death of my former student, and others like him, who was killed by Zarqawi and his goons. I'm not finished avenging the deaths of my countrymen whom Zarqawi and his people killed for taking on the dangerous task of helping those escaping terrorist regimes succeed in creating for themselves a better life. I guess wanting revenge against a ruthless murderer like AZ makes me an aficionado of murder and revenge. Oh well.

More of America's violent criminals should be put to death. I wish Mr. Bush would have presided over more executions, but you and your moonbat friends have succeeded in disrespecting the rights of the victims to the point where the rights of the perpetrators seem to take precedent.

The rights of the victim mean nothing to you. You don't seem to mind at all when countless innocent American children lose their lives every day to abortions, but God forbid we put to death a ruthless criminal like Karla Faye Tucker, who openly bragged about the "multiple orgasms" she experienced during the commission of her crimes. Many people on my side of the aisle supported clemency for her, and I respect that, but I would probably do the same thing. As for Danny Garrett and James Leibrant, neither was available for comment on this post.
In further remarks concerning Zarqawi's death, Bush stated:

"The ideology of terror has lost one of its most visible and aggressive leaders. Zarqawi's death is a severe blow to al Qaeda."

Let's take a moment to dissect the propaganda.

Note how Bush characterized terror as an ideology rather than a coercive means of achieving political change. Portraying terror as a sociopolitical system proliferated by adherents dedicated to usurping Capitalism and "democracy", America's sacred cows, keeps many Americans sold on a perpetual war.
Terrorism is an ideology. The only political change it seeks to achieve is the elimination of everyone in the world who will not succumb to its demands, including you, Blackspeak. Capitalism and democracy are America's sacred cows for a reason - they are responsible for our prosperity and success as a nation. The only reason we are involved in a seemingly perpetual war is that there is no indication that the terrorists have any intention of stopping their shenanigans. None of that is propaganda. Not a word of it.
With the "threat" of the spread of Communism (a true ideology) virtually extinguished, the Machiavellian leaders of the United States crafted a "new and improved" amorphous and ubiquitous enemy. Virtually anyone opposing their ideologies of Capitalism, Fascism, and Zionism are cast as "terrorists".

by blackspeak on 2006-06-13 09:37:40
The threat of communism was and is very real, Blackspeak. It's as real today as it was in 1980 when President Reagan took the lead in beating the biggest communist menace we had at the time ever faced. Today, Communism is alive and well here in the United States, but a more sinister enemy has reared his ugly head. Our fight against Socialism and Communism has had to take the back seat to our fight against Terrorism.

The leaders in the US are right to defend Capitalism, as it is largely responsible for the prosperity even the poorest Americans enjoy today. There's nothing wrong with supporting a government with the same governing philosophy as your own, so bitch about supporting Israel if you want, but they're the only country in the Middle East that has its own fully-independent democratic system.

Our leaders are NOT fascists. Their acknowledgement that there will never be perpetual peace, that life must be respected, and that Socialism sucks are the only ways that they are similar.

Fascists also believe the following: Capitalism sucks, democracy sucks, the interests of the government overrule the rights of the individual, freedom is useless and potentially harmful, the state should determine what rights you and I should have. That sonds like part of a dissertation from one Dr. Howard Dean.

Sorry Blackspeak. You've been beaten again.