Touring and Fatigue  

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's time to come to grips with a very simple fact - the Rocker is tired.

The new project is happening slowly but surely, and I've returned to the service of a project I was involved with before as a guitar technician. This has been an exceptionally busy week, with the weather also affecting things.

I know there's been stuff to write about, and stuff not to write about, but I still haven't recovered from the end of the school year and there is much to do around the house in between shows and show prep.

Please forgive this stretch of down time. Anyone who knows me knows I won't be silent for long. Maybe something will happen to bring about a rant that will have Ol' BC standing at attention.

There are other, more blog-related things I'm working on as well. Townhall is talking about something really special happening on or around the 4th, and I'd really like to see what comes of it. They've said some things that will have me quite curious around that time. Definitely keep an eye on!