Brad Stine  

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

My hat has to come off today to ABC's NightLine and Terry Moran.

Last night, as I was bringing my dog in from a late-night excursion, a piece on conservative comedian Brad Stine was in progress. I must have come to it early, because it ran pretty long from the point where I started watching.

I'm not sure if anything important was left out of the piece, as I've learned not to trust the networks or the MSM, but I felt pretty comfortable about the presentation, and I came away with some pretty serious enthusiam for the guy - so much so, that I came online looking to see what kind of merchandise he had out ... guess what I found? A FAROOKIN' BLOG!!*

Well, in addition to spending some time on his comedy website, I made sure I spent some time checking out his blog, which I immediately blogRWRolled, of course. He doesn't blog all that often, but the stuff that's up there is really good. I left him a comment there, and do hope that we'll see him here at the RWRepublic from time to time - or maybe even more.

So definitely check out both sites and support Brad when and where you can. I will be doing just that.


* "FAROOKIN'" is from the lexicon of Parkway Rest Stop (for full disclosure).