Hawkins on WMDs  

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

John Hawkins has posted today about a recent Harris poll regarding WMDs, and the Washington Times's take on it.

Hawkins is absolutely right to point out that this poll, which shows aincrease from 36% to 50% of respondents believing that Iraq had WMDs when we attacked them in 2003, that the news isn't any rise in knowledge of the truth, but that this number isn't 100%.

With Saddam Hussein having actually used WMDs on his own people, bragging and flaunting that fact in the process; with Saddam threatening to use WMDs on our own soldiers; with stockpiles of actual WMDs being found in Iraq since the invasion, the real news is that the MSM has, as usual, failed to do its job in reporting the news.

Wait. That's not news.

The fact that only 50% of respondents polled were oblivious to the truth about WMD is a clear failure of the mainstream media, and is a large part of the reason the New Media has been so successful. It's not the fault of the American people that these things are not in line with the MSM's political agenda.

Report the damned news already!


Update 7/27: Confirmation that large amounts of WMD were shipped to Syria from Baghdad in trucks.