Ol' BC Breaks out the ClueBat  

Friday, July 21, 2006

The RWRmy is a comfy place for those who wield the ClueBat in the RWRepublic's comment area from time to time on idiot Leftards who desperately need it. HS Ol'BC posted on Saturday regarding some issues with these people, and dealt appropriately with some backtalk from a liberidiot (calling conservatives "whiners") with the following:

The libs aren't against socialism, communism, etc. So, naturally they aren't vocally opposing such things. That is what most liberals are for (or at least programs that encourage such things). Most conservatives are for less government intervention into our lives, less stealing by the government in the form of taxes and increased opportunity for all people. The libs on the other hand profess just the opposite by their actions. They want to keep the poor in their place by keeping them dependent on government stipends and handouts and discouraging any attempt to improve oneself. The MSM is markedly in the corner of the left so it probably seems at first glance as you described it, but those in the center or on the right must address the socialistic plans of the left in a negative way or it would get rammed right on the people of this country. The lefts very plans stifle any work ethic which is why Russia's rapid economic growth has not been greater. They have a whole generation of people (or more) who don't know how to and never had to work.
Of course, the victim of this ClueBatting is a hard-head with a cause, so I doubt the message will really get through.

It's important to drive home the fact that the things the liberals are for (socialism, communism, etc.) are BAD FOR AMERICA. Not only that, there is no Constitutional justification for it in at least most cases. I've chronicled repeatedly the unconstitutionality of the Left's "causes" here on this blog. Thanks, Ol' BC for standing up for what's right and American!