Rocker's Return - Reflections on Independence Day  

Monday, July 03, 2006

While my motivation still isn't what I want it to be yet, I do need to make a few comments on the special day that lies ahead tomorrow.

Independence Day is the most important of all American holidays. Having grown up mere minutes from the actual site of the birth of this great nation, I have often had the opportunity to actually be there, even if just to look into the windows of the former Pennsylvania State House (known today as Independence Hall) as I drive by or to gaze upon the awesome sight of the Liberty Bell in her display window.

Fact is, I never tire of the history of what I believe to be America's greatest and most blessed city. The city blessed to be the site of the very room where the Declaration was debated and created, the Articles of Confederation were written, and the Constitution itself was crafted. That's right. All three of those documents were debated and signed in the very same room, and if you haven't seen it, you owe it to yourself to make a trip out. If you have, then you know why Philadelphia is truly America's most blessed city.

Growing up as a suburban Philadelphian has brought a special kind of pride into my life, along with a special kind of respect for that which our Founding Fathers gave us that fateful July day. That's why it irks me so when people stand against the very principles for which the Founders stood for - the very priniciples that make it possible for them to take that position in the first place.

The First Amendment protects our Freedom of Speech, Religion, Assembly, and Petition, yet we have Americans (sic) who wish to limit the amount of money we can spend getting our candidates' messages out, Americans who try to enact laws that limit what people can do with their own airtime on the radio, and Americans who try to tell us where we can and cannot publicly pray and/or express faith in God, and Americans who wish to tell you who your friends can be and on what level. Of course, they can spend YOUR tax dollars on whatever candidates they want, they can tell you what you can say during a campaign and when you can say it, they can spend your tax dollars running radio stations and networks that get out the message you disagree with, and they can throw Atheism and any non-Judeo-Christian religion in your face at will. These rights were put into the Constitution's Bill of Rights for ALL Americans, so those who wish to continue to limit these rights as I wish to exercise them can kiss my hairy white ass.

The Second Amendment protects EVERY American's right to protect himself against those who would harm him (including an oppressive government) with whatever weapon he so chooses. Everyone benefits from this right, including those who wish to dismantle it, yet we have Americans who cannot stand people having the right to defend themselves. They can go fuck themselves.

We have a Supreme Court that violates provisions clearly set forth in the Fourth Amendment, and people who would rather see someone die than respect their right to life.

We also have people who would stop defending ourselves against the very real threat of terrorism. Many of them are working today to undermine a war that is being fought to preserve the very freedoms they hold dear (or not). Our soldiers must be free to fight the war under the rules of engagement set forth by their superiors. Whether one agrees with the war or not, we are fighting it, and I despise anyone who uses his free speech rights in a manner that undermines a war that is being fought to preserve that very right.

Thank God there are great Americans out there who are standing up to these assholes. Many of them are bloggers. My tricorn goes off today to John Hawkins, Emperor Misha, Mr. M, Delfts, Ranting Fox, Moonbat Monitor, BethW, and all of the other bloggers who are standing in the way of the spread of socialism and the erosion of rights. And since I don't really dig Budweiser but respect others' right to, I'll be going off of my diet long enough tomorrow to crack open some kind of brew and drinking to all of the great Americans who fight for the preservation of our rights and freedoms, both on and off of the battlefield.


Afterthought: Don't forget to hit up and check out what they're doing for the Revolution. I sure can't wait!

Update: Townhall will need some time. Lots of bugs in the new site. Looks like a lot of great ideas, though.