Why Not?  

Saturday, July 08, 2006

It seems the Republicans are having trouble replacing Tom DeLay on the ballot in Texas, despite a law that seems to allow it.

Why not? The Donks in New Jersey did the same thing not too long ago, replacing Bob Toricelli with Frank Lautenberg - and there wasn't even a law allowing it. Of course, the courts obliged. No sense in taking chances with your life.

However, if the US Supreme Court can cite the laws of other countries in making decisions, why should it not follow that a state like Texas could cite the law of another state in the same manner? Hmm?

I say Leave DeLay on the ballot and get him elected. His so-called "legal troubles" are a joke anyway, and it would show the Donks in Texas a thing or two. Not to mention the laughs it would get here at the RWRepublic.