Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Every day, I stop by and see what PJ-Comix over at DUmmie FUnnies has found. I just can't be bothered with going over to DU myself to pick through the drivel to find the things that are funny enough to post. Besides, PJ does it better than I ever could. Yesterday, he posted about the recent South Park movie, in which Saddam Hussein was portrayed as Satan's gay lover (which isn't too far off the mark in reality). Apparently the US Marines guarding Saddam have made him watch it ... repeatedly. HAHA You go, guys! Anyway, the DUmmie thread had the typical anti-America drivel, lightened up, of course, with PJ's commentary. This comment caught my eye:

Bush peed hisself laughin, tho. We are the Boorish Bully Fratboy Nation.
This "fratboy" reference is a common theme in the threads that PJ finds, so I dcided to look into this whole fraternity membership business among successful people. After all, I myself wear the colors of a fraternity, and I know that many successful people have fraternity loyalties. First, let's look into Mr. Bush's fraternity status.

Mr. Bush has been a member of two fraternal organizations, Delta Kappa Epsilon, and the Skull and Bones Society. His bio mentions an organization called "Bohemian Grove", but its function is not important in illustrating my point. Suffice to say that Mr. Bush has belonged to at least two fraternal organizations.

Next, let's take a look at the poster boy for Botox, John Kerry. Kerry's choice of brotherhood was the Fence Club, a brotherhood of people from "old-money families from New England". Oh, and he's also been involved in the Skull and Bones Society, just like President Bush.

So why do the DUmmies constantly harp on President Bush's fraternity status? This isn't entirely clear, since their sweetheart John Kerry was one as well. Maybe we should look into their ultimate lover of all time, Bill Clinton, to see what his fraternal status is ...

Clinton has been a member of two greek letter honor organizations that I would not qualify as fraternitites. However, he has also been affiliated with Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity as well, which, interestingly enough, includes the Boy Scout Oath in its pledge manual (sorry link not handy, bu it's on page 4). So he's belonged to a fraternity, but worked against the support of the organization after which it is modeled (remember his administration's assault on the Boy Scouts' right to exclude homosexuals?).

This brings some questions to the fore. 1. Who gives a flying fuck what fraternity this, or for that matter, ANY president ever belonged to? 2. If the Left's president of choice doesn't allow his fraternal loyalties to influence his decisionmaking, why would President Bush? Is President Bush somehow a more loyal person than President Clinton? 3. Why is ANY of this relevant at all?

I can only answer #3. It's not relevant at all. These people are nutty to the core, and will say anything, regardless of its basis in fact, to be saying something negative about the President. What perplexes me is why. He's given them most of what they wanted domestically.

War is hard. This president has done the right thing by fighting these terrorists. Don't forget that EVERY war will have its ups and downs, and this enemy is the most formidable we've ever faced. He is a greater menace than Hitler himself. We will not be able to defeat him in just a matter of months, or even years. This president has also done right by appointing Supreme Court justices who will be guided by the simple and clear language of the Constitution.

On all other counts, he's a socialist Democrat just like the DUmmies. Fratboy or no.