RWR Prophecy #3  

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Like this was a tough one.

Moonbat Monitor and a few others (Michelle Malkin, Moonbattery, to name a couple) are bringing to the fore a promise made by Charles Rangel that he will step down if the Donks don't "capitalize on an uparalleled opportunity".

Of course, he doesn't actually define that, but I made the following prediction in MM's comment section:

Yeah right.

I will make this prediction right now.

The Donks will not gain enough seats to take over the House (or the Senate for that matter), and Rangel will not step down.

This is all just a bunch of posturing.

I was right about my prediction about "civil war" in Iraq (unless something major changes within the next 16 days), and my predictions with regard to the Democrats and Republicans are coming true right before our eyes.

This one is too easy. Rangel step down? Yeah fucking right.