Comments on August  

Saturday, September 09, 2006

August was the RWRepublic's best month ever traffic-wise. It was the second month with over 1,000 hits, and this would have been the case even if we hadn't had that one day of nearly 200 hits.

Of course, I only look at traffic stats for entertainment purposes. It's fun. At the same time, when there's a really good month, it's important to take time out and thank the people that helped make it possible - so here's a hearty THANK YOU to anyone and everyone who has come around and read the wisdom that I post here.

I don't necessarily expect September to be all that, actually. School has started, and the blogging time gets cut back significantly during this part of the year. I still hope to get the opportunity to post at least every other day, and maybe more. Unfortunately, posting comments on other blogs may have to be scaled back some. We'll see as the school year plays out.

Rock on!