Watch his Eyebrows  

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Some years ago, during the Cinton years, a caller called in to the Rush Limbaugh radio program and suggested that it was possible to determine when Bill Clinton was lying - watch his eyebrows. When he puts his eyebrows up, he's either lying or getting ready to.

Rush played several video clips on TV of Mr. Clinton and sure enough, lies and eyebrows seemed to come together pretty consistently. He did lie without putting his eyebrows up, but when the eyebrows were up, he was always lying.

This brings me to the ex-president's recent rant on Fox News. Chris Wallace, hardly a conservatively biased reporter did a great job of hanging in there. But watch Clinton's eyebrows during the interview. They're up almost every time he speaks. What does that tell you?

(Embedded video deleted. Please use the link above.)