Bad News for Global Warming Alarmists and More Classic RWR  

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Van Helsing delivers the bad news ... Don't cry too hard if you're a global warming alarmist.

The next set of classic posts come from the summer and fall of 2005. Some of these are among the most important posts I've ever written.

07/05/2006 - Moonbats on the Constitution

07/22/2005 - Usurpation of the Constitution (this is a must-read)

07/29/2005 - "Breezy"

08/08/2005 - Roe v. Wade

08/29/2005 - Clifford May/Cindy Sheehag

09/02/2005 - The Left's Mentality on the Constitution

09/04/2005 - DUmmies Tremble and Puke

09/13/2005 - Why the Left Hates Halliburton

09/21/2005 - Democrats, Hurricanes, Founders and the Constitution

Again - any comments here, please.