Classic RWR: The Early Days  

Sunday, October 15, 2006

With post #500 just around the corner, I got into the reflective mode today and had a look at some of my older work. It was interesting to see again what the world was like when I started blogging, and to read through my thoughts at the time. I figured I'd take some time and go through some of the better posts and link to them, both for newer readers to check out, and for seasoned readers to savor (and yes, Ol' BC - Classic RWRants will be included). So here we go!

02/01/2005 - Unbelievable Fuckwads (very first post ever)

02/03/2005- Pathetic Terrorists

02/20/2005 - Ducks for Dean Farting in Church

03/04/2005 - Lying about Libertarians

03/07/2005 - Martha and Michael

03/17/2005 - Scott Peterson

03/21/2005 - The Second Amendment

03/29/2005 - Vigilantes? Well Go Figure

This should keep ya busy for a minute. I'll work through more recent ones later on. If there's a post from the first two months that you think should be listed here but wasn't, please let me know. Oh yeah, and please leave any comments here instead of at their respective posts, as I don't go there to read them any more, aight?