Decypher - Defender of the Unborn  

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On this post at RWN, John Hawkins posts quotes that show the real liberal position on abortion.

A comment frenzy ensued, and I participated.

One commentor, "decypher", caught my attention. He consistently buried the pro-abortion commentors, leaving them to stick with the age-old liberal mantra of "no one knows when life begins". It was a lot of fun watching these people try to make points without facts, and decypher just dragged them in deeper and deeper - to the point where they really got to saying REALLY stupid things.

His work is masterful - and it seems I may have a new "blogson"! Either my second or third, depending upon the timing.

You can find my first blogson's work on our joint blog, Rocker and Sage. He gets a little out there, but he's always articulate and thoughtful.