Iran: The Real Source of Violence in Iraq  

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I just found a post at Abu Wabu from earlier in the week that brought to the fore something that had been brought to my attention a couple of months ago by Omar (from Iraq the Model).

This post and the links it provides all point to Iran as the main player in the violence that our soldiers face in Iraq. It's interesting to see how all of these sources all seem to point to the same culprit. Evidence:

I will call it a foreign intervention from regional powers aiming at sparking a huge civil war.
we're not there yet but we will if those foreign hands are not chopped and taken off Iraq asap.

- Omar, Iraq the Model, by email, when asked whether the situation in Iraq equates to a civil war, August 9, 2006 (my emphasis)
For the record, Omar is an Iraqi civilian who lives in Baghdad, not a right-wing extremist living in the USA.
On that note, here's a reminder: Iran openly sponsors Shiite militias, arms "insurgents" of all kinds with IED technology, and is, in general, the cause of much violence.

- Thomas Joscelyn, 10/13/2006
Anyone care to deny Mr. Joscelyn's allegations? I didn't think so.

Add to this Iran's open defiance of its ally the UN with regard to nuclear weapons, and it becomes pretty obvious that Ahmagaynutjob is at least as big a threat to the US as Kim Jong Illin'.

This post completes the thoughts brought forth by Mohammed (Omar's brother), that the US's biggest mistake with regard to the invasion was sitting back and not marching on to Tehran.

It's my position that it's not too late.


Update: Al-Qaeda's latest desperate move.