September Reflections  

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's been a crazy September at the school, making it very difficult to get the kind of blogging done that I like to. Still, this blog registered over 1,000 hits for the month. Not too shabby, and over 1,000 for two consecutive months for the first time ever. All with virtually no time to blog.

I'm guessing that I have an active readership of somewhere between 20 and 40 readers. The others ramble in by way of links. Not a big blog by any stretch of the imagination to be sure, but more than enough to be able to continue to enjoy it.

Hopefully things will calm down some at the school in the months ahead. December will surely be difficult, for obvious reasons - and the performing world seems to have provided some interesting leads of late, including a pretty cool Philly Sound tribute CD we're working on with some of the "bigwigs" of that era.

Still, I expect to continue here in my little political corner of the world.