How to REALLY Slap the Donks  

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I was thinking today about the Democratic Party and its ever-so-slight move to the right, as evidenced by the Donks' selection of a more moderate Majority Leader than was expected. I thought about a post I did back in March regarding just how far to the left they have gone in their history.

Today, I have a proposal for the Republicans - one which would be largely embraced by Libertarians and Constitutionites (if the Republicans really want the conservative vote):

Show America and the world what a huge difference there is between the original Democratic Party and the Donks of today. Show just how far they have strayed from their roots. ADOPT THE 1840 DEMOCRATIC PARTY PLATFORM as the Republican Platform for 2008!

America has strayed from her constitutional roots to the point of outright stupidity, largely because of programs brought on by Democrats in the 20th Century. A move to renew our commitment as Americans to the ideals of the Founding Fathers by renewing our commitment to the Constitution and re-implementing its limits would resonate LOUDLY with the American electorate. Of course, implementing said platform would be necessary, and would succeed beyond anyone's expectations - therefore permanently washing away the current gang of socialist Donks and whatever credibility they think they have. Use their own party's history to defeat them.

Or are you guys afraid to look at a winning strategy and go with it?