John Hawkins: Teleconference with Jack Kingston  

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Teleconference With Congressman Jack Kingston

A little earlier, I was in on a teleconference with Congressman Jack Kingston and quite a few other bloggers. Here are some notes (not quotes) about what Kingston had to say:

I'm going to take this hit by hit, because each of these points is incredibly relevant.

-- Lessons learned: We've got to go back to the Contract with America. We've got to have a clear platform.

I'd say the New Federalist Platform would be a great place to start.

-- I don't think the Dems can hold together. They have a fairly moderate batch of Dems that won with support for heavily left wing groups.

I don't think they can hold together, either. This will be especially true if the Republicans can get their shit together with regard to the first point.

-- There's going to be a lot of kicking the can down the road. The Dems are going to say they need the presidency to act. Republicans will say they need the majority again.

Gridlock. One of the best things we could ask for when the Donks are in power. Mark my words.

-- I think it will be very difficult for the Dems to pass a budget because they will have a lot of IOU's to these liberal interest groups and some of these new Democratic members aren't going to want to go along with it.

Ahh ... Infighting ... THIS will be fun to watch.

-- I don't have any preferences for a Majority Leader, but people are in the mood for change.

Let it be Pelosi. I need a good laugh.

-- Kingston thinks the GOP will sort of rally around a central platform, but also hopes that the Democrats turn voters off.

I'll cast my vote for BOTH.

-- The Dems haven't defined themselves yet. Are they going to be liberal and pass a lot of bills they know the Senate won't pass or are they going to try to play moderate?

Ahh ... more infighting ... I absolutely CANNOT WAIT!

-- Because Republicans aren't in the majority, they're not as relevant as they were yesterday. That means Republican legislators need to reach out more to bloggers in an effort to get their message out.

Uh huh. I won't be holding my breath. I don't care which party these idiots are from. They don't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks unless it will put power in their hands or money in their pockets.

-- To me, the hope with illegal immigration is with the enforcement powers of the executive branch, not the House now. (Hawkins' note: That's pretty scary because Bush has been the single biggest bad actor on the illegal immigration issue)

Scary indeed. Scary indeed.