John Kerry - Still an Idiot  

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Donks for president, whether as candidates, presidents, or ex-presidents going as far back as I can remember, seem to pretty consistently show themselves to be fools at some point or another. They just get more and more ridiculous.

Jimmy Carter - Who can forget this idiot's domestic AND foreign foolishness during his presidency. He would be well-served going back into hiding.

Walter Mondale - The tank photo ... CLASSIC.

Michael Dukakis - I don't think the Democrats even wanted him in.

Bill Clinton - Probably the most effective liar the United States has ever known. If you didn't think him a fool while he was in the White House getting blown in the Oval Office, you couldn't deny it after that interview on Fox News.

Al Gore - This guy is the epitome of the tree-hugging nutjob. Not only has he NO personality whatsoever, but he screams almost as loudly (and as often) as Weird Howard. All I can do is laugh.

John Kerry - Publicly insults our soldiers in battle, then does it again 35 years later and tries to pass it off as a joke gone bad.

It must be a prerequisite in the Democrat Party that the presidential candidate be an ignorant fool. Perhaps that way the party bosses can use his stupidity to push the president to advocate their unconstitutional socialist programs.

John Kerry has to look a simple fact right in the eye: If President Clinton's handling of the situation he inherited with regard to Haiti is any indication (remember how he said he'd handle it differently during the campaign and then reneged after assuming office?), there's no reason to assume Kerry would, acting in the best interests of the United States, handle Iraq any differently.

It's all a bunch of bullshit posturing in an attempt to get Democrats elected.

Mark my words.