Mr. Minority: We Will Weather the Storm  

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HS Mr. Minority posted some comments today about the election results. Read them here. I had some opinions that I would think relevant.

Pelosi may not be the Speaker of the House

My call is that she will be Speaker of the House. Since there seems to be a good number of "conservative" Donks, she will not have the power to implement anything too terribly radical.

The Donks all have agendas

This is the Donks' primary weakness. The ones that ran on a hard-left agenda don't seem to be the ones that won. The ones that won basically ran on a "vote for change" agenda that didn't specify what the proposed change was.

This fact could bode very well for America, because there won't be a true majority in the majority party, unless they somehow get together on something, which is unlikely to be a radical liberal agenda.


If Gridlock turns out to be the only thing stopping the radical Left from pushing their evil on us, then I'm all for it.

If the Donks try and push their radical ideals, it will show America what really lies beneath their rhetoric.

Sadly, I doubt this. Given the last 100 years of liberalism in this country, I'd say that if America doesn't know by now what lies beneath liberal rhetoric, that isn't going to change just because the Congress changed hands.

The current Republican Congress should come together and rush through key legislation [while] they still have the majority. Such as permanent Tax Cuts and Immigration.

Yup. Good call. This will force the Democrats to go on record as voting to repeal these important cornerstones of the conservative agenda if they dare (and I believe they dare) - Probably the best insurance we have for the next election cycle.

This election must serve as a wake-up call for the Republicans. Ads in which they constantly try to out-liberal their liberal opponents simply show them to be, as the Libertarians would say, no different from the Democrats. If it is in fact true that conservative Democrats have won the day by moving the party to the right, then it should clearly follow that the Republicans would be wise to do the same.

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