Our Troops are Doing Worse Things than THIS??  

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Yeah, ok. Keep talking about how American soldiers are involved in torture and murder that's worse than the terrorists', you fucking leftard liberidiot losers.

This kid was an IRAQI. Do you fuckwads want to bring up Gitmo and Abu-graib now?

No need to click the link. Here's what happened. A group of terrorist fucknozzles walked up to a 14-year old kid and asked him for identification, which he furnished. His ID showed that he was a Christian, so they asked if he were Christian, to which he answered in the affirmative.

For this, they grabbed his arms and legs, and held him down while they brutally sliced off his head, the whole time hollering out "Allahu Akbar!". A 14-year old kid - and yes, there were witnesses.

This brings forth an important point. Who the fuck do you loony leftwad asshats think you are defending this army of human debris? Whose side are you on, anyway? Have you forgotten already the things these people do, despite their insistence upon reminding us so often?

Show me the brutality that equals this. Show me the torture that equals this. If our solders, the horrible killer terrorist torturers they are alleged to be, are engaged in worse torturous and murderous acts than those of the terrrorists, show it to me now, or forever shut the fuck up.