Smerconish's Platform  

Friday, November 10, 2006

I listen to Michael Smerconish every day for at least a little while. Today, he brought forth a platform that could be a good starting point for giving the parties some guidance on exactly how to formulate a platform. The parties would be wise to check it out, at least with regard to format. I responded to Mr. Smerconish as follows with regard to what he suggested on issues (read his platform here first - and vote):

1. Bin Laden - Absolutely.

2. Profiling - Absolutely.

3. Torture - Used exclusively for purposes of getting information from the terrorist and not just for the sake of doing it (like the terrorists do), absolutely.

4. Preventing Terror - What exactly has not been done that was recommended by the 9/11 Commission?

5. Iraq - An end game is not what we need with regard to Iraq. What we really need is a more aggressive approach to hunting and killing terrorists that takes collateral damage less into account, and a more aggressive approach to cutting off the hand that feeds them (Iran/Syria). The Iraqis would be much better at taking care of themselves if there were less terrorist activity, and that means poitning the guns at Tehran.

6. Immigration - Absolutely.

7. Gays - No one said that gays threaten anyone's marriage. What they threaten is the institution of marriage itself, and what it means to be married. If you believe, as I do, that the ultimate purpose of marriage is procreation, then it's impossible to support gay marriage. As to "civil unions", I'm ok with htat as long as there's a clear distinction between that and real marriage. I'm all for gays being able to visit their lovers in the hospital or including them in their wills. I don't think ANYONE should have limitations on these things.

8. Abortion - I could not disagree with you more about abortion and "Plan B". Both of these involve the murder of a human baby. I won't get any deeper into this, as I'm sure you've had plenty of opportunity to mull it over. As to politicians "determining my end of life plan," I'd definitely say the same, however, to put you to death with little or no concrete knowledge of your plan is just as murderous as putting a gun to your head and pulling the trigger.

9. Embryonic Stem Cell Research - These embryos come from murdered human babies. Bad thing. Embryonic stem cell research has shown little or no promise when compared to adult stem cell research anyway, so why bother? The only reason I could see would be to keep the abortionists in business. Bad thing. In any case, the federal government doesn't have the constitutional authority to involve itself in the matter in any way, shape, or form. Let the states decide what to do, and if they want it, let them fund it.

10. Term Limits - I've been back and forth on this one. I certainly would love to be sure that good candidates could be found at the end of an incumbent's term limit, but there are so few politicians in Washington that are supporting the Constitution that if one would do so, I would want him in there as long as possible (or as long as he supported the Constitution).

11. Campaign Finance - Absolutely.

12. Entitlements - You are missing the point here, Mike. Entitlement programs, by their very nature, are unconstitutional and therefore illegal. Instead of "raising the retirement age", confront AARP by putting forth and implementing a plan to phase these programs out altogether (let the private sector handle it). By extension, the budget will be easier to balance and our children and grandchildren won't be stuck with the bill.

13. Death Taxes - Absolutely.

14. Global Warming - Do what you gotta to make yourself happy, but there isn't enough evidence to support global warming, and even less to suggest that there's anything people could do about it, to allow this issue to interfere with the American way of life.

15. Guns - Sure, address the problem of single-parent households. Also address the problem of the government illegally regulating the ownership of guns. If a criminal can't be trusted with a gun, then KEEP HIM IN JAIL.

Of course, the New Federalist Platform at is a much better platform.

Feel free to email Mike after you vote.